Optrion exists to make

shearography A viable, reliable, and affordable

non-destructive testing (NDT) solution.

it's time for a change...

Industry trends are causing frustrations for test and quality engineers, proving the need for non-destructive testing that is affordable, can handle complex materials, and meets the latest standards. At Optrion we believe Shearography offers a viable solution.

the rise of composites.

Testing is more complex due to the nature of the materials. Design and engineering is limited by downstream testing capabilities.

increasing expectations.

It is tricky to meet the expectations on safety and reliability. Testing becomes lengthy and expensive.

cost remains king

NDT has a reputation for being expensive. Slow and lengthy processes also incur considerable time costs.

Why shearography?

Inspection rate is everything. Time is money. At Optrion we recognise this and believe Shearography has the potential to disrupt the market and become the solution with the fastest inspection rate for 99% of testing cases.

Fast Operation
Quick Set Up
High Resolution
Factoring in these benefits ultimately results in a best in class inspection rate.

how does shearography work?



The system takes a reference image for later comparison against the stressed image.



Typically a thermal stress is applied to the material to reveal micron level deformations in the material.



In real-time the images are compared and unwrapped for easy interpretation.

what do the results look like?

The images are processed by the software to provide images that are easier to interpret than the original outputs. This is an example where a few microns of deformation are applied to a flat sheet to show clearly a basic defect.



The material or component under ambient load.



The material or component under thermal load.



The raw comparison data outputted by the software.



A simplified image so defects are easier to detect & interpret.


A small defect (<5 microns) is applied to the sheet metal.

we know it can be confusing!

We recognise that Shearography is a new technique for many people. Part of the work Optrion is doing is to educate the industry objectively as to how Shearography works and most importantly why it is a useful testing method.

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use cases

Application: Aircraft

Material: Honeycomb & Monolithic

Goal: Quality Inspection

Optrion's solution detected defects 6 & 12.5mm in diameter at all interfaces, including in typically difficult areas to inspect such as a honeycomb chamfer and at the interface between two honeycomb layers.

  • 20x faster than ultrasound
  • 5x faster than thermography
case study sheet

Application: Aircraft

Material: CFRP

Goal: Health Inspection

Optrion's solution detected all 36 defects caused by impacts in minutes, using only four measurements. The defects included one 70mm in length alongside cracks in the surface material up to 10mm in depth.

  • 20x faster than ultrasound
case study sheet

Application: Marine

Material: Sandwich

Goal: Health Inspection

Optrion's solution detected delaminations and spot glue quality issues from the joining process.

case study sheet

our solution: Definder

product sheet


Our solution delivers all the optics and laser within one handheld, durable, and lightweight package. Plug in the device and connect it to a computer via USB for it to be recognised by our software.


We have designed our software around the core mission of simplifying the process. Our user friendly solution works on any Windows device and connects automatically to our hardware when it is plugged in.


why are we doing this?


Our Mission

To make Shearography a viable, reliable, and affordable solution and therefore making it accessible to every industry.

Optrion is a spin-off from the Liege Space Center, and we continue to be based in Liege today.

Optrion is located in western Europe.


North American Adoption

In the USA, this technology has been adopted for a number of years. Predominantly for defense and space industries alongside applications in research fields.

However, widespread adoption has been severely limited by the cost of the solution offered.

Optrion is here to change that.


Shearography History

In the 80s Shearography was pioneered as an analog testing method.

The technique has benefitted greatly from digital transformation. This has enabled a smaller, simpler, and cheaper solution. Image processing techniques have also drastically improved detection capabilities.

Optrion has brought that to market.

reap the benefits

Our solution takes a promising technology and packages it as a solution that provides tangible benefits to you, the user.


Shearography is completely contactless, allowing you to test complex materials or components in-situ.

Fast Operation

Shearography is quick to setup, taking on average just 1 minute between inspection zones.

Quick Set Up

Shearography typically can be setup in <15 minutes, all you need is our device, your laptop and a heat source.


Shearography enables the user to quickly test large areas. Up to 1m2 per shot, combined for larger areas.

High Resolution

Optrion uses 5 megapixel images, allowing detection of smaller, less obvious defects.


Our Shearography device weighs just 5kg and can easily be carried in a backpack or briefcase.

let us prove it!

Will you give us the opportunity to prove our best in class inspection rate with a product demonstration?

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